Project Structure in Android

Project Structure in Android 

The Android build system is organized around a specific directory tree structure for your Android project, much like any other Java project. The specifics, though, are fairly unique to Android—the Android build tools do a few extra things to prepare the actual application that will run on the device or emulator. Here’s a quick primer on the project structure, to help you make sense of it all.

Root Contents
When you create a new Android project (e.g., via android create project), you get several items in the project’s root directory, including the following:
  •  AndroidManifest.xml: An XML file that describes the application being built and what components (activities, services, etc.) are being supplied by that application
  •  bin/: The directory that holds the application once it is compiled
  •  libs/: The directory that holds any third-party JARs your application
  •  res/: The directory that holds resources, such as icons, GUI layouts, and the like, that are packaged with the compiled Java in the application 

  • src/: The directory that holds the Java source code for the application 

In addition to the preceding file and directories, you may find any of the following in Android projects:
  •  assets/: The directory that holds other static files that you want packaged with the application for deployment onto the device
  •  gen/: The directory in which Android’s build tools place source code that they generate
  •  build.xml and *.properties: Files that are used as part of the Ant- based command-line build process, if you are not using Eclipse
  •  proguard.cfg: A file that is used for integration with ProGuard to obfuscate your Android code 

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