Android Device on Windows

Android Device on Windows

When you first plug in your Android device, Windows attempts to find a driver for it. It is possible that, by virtue of other software you have installed, the driver is ready for use. If Windows finds a driver, you are probably ready to go.
If Windows doesn’t find the driver, here are some options for getting one:
  •  Windows Update: Some versions of Windows (e.g., Vista) prompt you to search Windows Update for drivers. This is certainly worth a shot, though not every device manufacturer will have supplied its device’s driver to Microsoft.
  •  Standard Android driver: In your Android SDK installation, you will find a google-usb_driver directory, containing a generic Windows driver for Android devices. You can try pointing the driver wizard at this directory to see if it thinks this driver is suitable for your device.
  •  Manufacturer-supplied driver: If you still do not have a driver, search the CD that came with the device (if any) or search the web site of the device manufacturer. Motorola, for example, has drivers available for all of its devices in one spot for download. 

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